Scars || Closed: 10000dollarsuit



"…You’re pretty dense, you know that?"

      {☢}—; ❝ Yes I know you’ve told me, more than once... ❞

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Falling Apart || Closed: 10000dollarsuit


"Get your ass up here, now!" Nick called from the stairs before his quick feet to brought him in front of a second story window. Hoisting it open, The con stuck his rifle out and rested it on the sill before firing at the incoming infected.

He didn’t have the time to hold Kyle’s hand through his anxiety attack. Not with the risk of a Charger or another Hunter being in the large mix approaching from below.


      {☢}—; The Fight or Flight instinct kicks in…

               Adrenaline, he flies. He races up after the conman, heart threatening to beat out of his chest.

  ❝ Holy shit. Holy SHIT ❞

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This Infection || Closed: 10000dollarsuit


To continue the child analogy, the con held the hunter’s head gently as he allowed the clear liquid to slither down Kyle’s throat. He allowed a few more gulps from his friend before he pulled the bottle away.

"How’s that?"

      {☢}—; A hazy nod.

                     ❝ B—Better…. Tha-..nks…❞

He has slickened the track and put something in his previously empty belly even if it was just water. At least it was something, he wets his dry cracked lips and eyelids flutter shut once again.

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Desperation || Closed: Ah-tits



His arms folded, the grin he wore so pleasantly only widened mockingly as he registered what it is that little Kyle was telling him. What it was he was begging for.

"Are you even listening to yourself?"

{☢}—; ❝ Nick please, please I’m begging you… I will do fucking anything, I just need you okay? I’m pathetic and all I can fucking think about is you—- ❞

       He bites his bottom lip and his face flushes. A shake of his head.

 ❝ Christ, I’m desperate.❞ He mutters.

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Hello Again || Closed: Ah-tits


Eventually the stolen credit card was handed back to Nick and the chained leash was placed in his eager hand. “C’mon, kid.” Familiar words and a tug of the chain as the con began taking his leave. Of course, there was no movement from the beefed up hunter and of course Nick offered a rough yank of the leash which effectively caused his new pet to double over, hopefully pulling him out of whatever dreamy daze he had found himself lost in.

The gambler still had no clue what he planned to do with him, he knew his wife wouldn’t exactly be pleased with what he had brought home.

      {☢}—; A cruel yank of his leash tore an angered and surprised snarl from the hunter, the seller of course spat something along the lines of how Enzo should fall in to line if he wanted to get by. Enzo only rose to his full height and threw a scornful glare his way before being forced to follow after his new owner. Now under normal circumstances, Enzo wouldn’t be so shallow as to pick someone apart based on clothing and judge them based off of that but then again nothing about the current situation was normal and so he would do just that…

        Lips curled upwards to show his distaste in everything happening and especially in reaction to him and their meeting.

 ❝ …So what’s my work going to be? Sexslave? Pet? Or outdoorsy? ❞ he dares to ask.

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Outta The Bag — Contagio—Noxium


"If I were stalling, that would mean I had the intent to tell you at all, kid." Nick stated blankly, the lack of emotion still dwindling through his words. "You’re wasting your time, I ain’t gonna tell you."

"Actually," he started, gray sights pouring into his infected companion. "I think I should punish you." Another meaningful drag from his cigarette, white smoke rose almost playfully from his nose and mouth. "It isn’t very nice of you to be looking through my things."

      {☢}—; He grits his teeth, hidden daggers are locked on to his friend.

  ❝ So fuckin’ spit it out then, stop wasting my fuckin’ time. ❞

He doesn’t have the patience that he has displayed for so long while he kept the rage and the monster in it’s cage. Now it’s serious and it’s very personal, and that monster stirs in it’s cage, pacing along and gazing outside it’s prison.

                     It HUNGERS

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You're a murder, you little monster! Don't give me any of that "Thought you were doing the right thing" Bullshit, you know damn well what CEDA was doing and you delivered those innocent people right fuckin' to them! You deserve to suffer, you deserve to be tested on and beaten and torn apart.

      {☢}—; The words cut through him, they injure him so silently as he listens to the stranger rant on. How did he know all this, was it common information by now? Was he a demon amongst this world of monsters? Had all of his good intentions gone unnoticed?

           ❝ —But-But, I didn’t know. I swear, I thought that they were helping people I thought that maybe if I could get some people to safety it’d make my life worth it. I—I didn’t know! ❞ He whimpers, backing away from the screaming human.

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Still Alive || @contagio—noxium


That telltale screech of the Hunter again, and this time it was closer. He got up and limped over to the hole in the wall, taking a peek outside to see if the Tanks were still being plagued by something other than the Infection. 

Sure enough, and strangely enough, there was the Hunter, clinging to one of the hulking zombies much like a Jockey would, tearing at whatever flesh it could in order to disable it as much as possible.
Ellis was confused, and slightly spooked by the sight, but he raised his assault rifle to spend his last few shells on aiding the Hunter that was inadvertently helping him out, and they fell the Tank together. Whether or not his decision would literally come back to bite him in the ass was still to be seen.


      {☢}—; The mutated hunter loses his grip and gravity ensures that it infact still exists and works quite well despite the world going to shit. He falls and hits the concrete with a —

          — THWACK

Now he’s simply struggling to stay on all fours, or get up and he’s in danger but then again he’s always in danger, always running and always thanking whoever was listening that he was able to live another day. Although, at times he thought that this was his punishment, forced to continue on ill and a monster. But there was no time for self-pity at the moment, he had to fight and most likely figure out where that survivor was.

         Darkness fading and reality slipping in for just a moment then falling away.

                       ❝ --hey... ey you, run!. ❞

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      {☢}—; ❝ ….Nick, although sometimes he’s the reason I am in a cruddy mood we always make up… He’s my best friend, I know he’s just trying to keep himself and others safe when he shuts people out, he’s a pro at hiding his pain but I’ve gotten to know him enough to where I know when he’s hurtin’. N’even if comforting isn’t his area of expertise, he still tries, I just wish—-… ❞

                              He trails off 

              ❝ …I wish they treated him better. ❞

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Still Alive || @contagio—noxium


As Ellis sipped from one of the bottles he procured, he thought back to when he became separated from his teammates. 

He could have sworn he heard a Hunter pounce, but none came within sight of the Savannite as he tried to fight off the rest of the common Infected. Then he watched in astonishment as the hoodied zombie leapt and attacked, not Ellis, but one of the Tanks, slashing mercilessly at the behemoth’s eyes. The brunet would have stopped to watch, except that he still had many more zombies on his tail and needed to run in the opposite direction of them.
He wondered if it had just been an accident. Some fortunate mistake that his negligent Guardian Angel had made happen so that what was normally his enemy became a temporary ally. He also wondered if the Infected had any subconscious at all, and that Hunter just had the ability to think better than the other zombies could.
Whatever the reason, Ellis was grateful for it. He was wishing that the water he was sipping would turn to beer at some point, though. He began to hum to himself, keeping himself company.


      {☢}—; Once Kyle was pleased with his work he moves on to the next tank, a pounce along with a loud scream sounding. He lands upon the broken concrete for a moment and is nearly smashed beneath the fist of one of the raging infected, luckily he recoils just as it’s flying down to crush him and——

         P O U N C E

He’s gone again, stumbling slightly on the landing and cursing under his breath as he did so, his thoughts were racing while bloodshot eyes hidden beneath the greasy unkempt brown bangs watched the two remaining beasts with grim intent. He crouches, readies himself and now he’s in the air, he signals his landing with a loud earsplitting shriek; razor sharp claws sink in to the pink flesh but with all the turbulence he’s nearly knocked off. Slipping, he’s fallen but manages to catch himself as he hooks his nails in to the forearm of the tank. However now it’s even harder to hang on, what with all the movement and no real grip.

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01. Remember the Name
02. Come Away to the Water
03. The Good Life
04. Battle Cry
05. Lift Me Up