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Falling Apart || Closed: 10000dollarsuit


Heads exploded into a bloody mess as whirring bullets buzzed through them. Nick’s teeth where gritted tightly, his brow furrowed in concentration as he tried to take down as many of the infected bastards as he could. A sense of relief found washed over him as he felt the presence of the stupid kid next to him once again.

"Just stay close to me, got it?” Nick spat.


Banging and cracking, screaming, moaning and other types of ungodly noises drew closer. The survivor couldn’t kill all of them fast enough—they just kept coming and coming. Soon enough he could hear them breaking into their penetrable sanctuary.

Was that the growl of a Hunter he heard in the mix?

      {☢}—; ❝ Y—Yeah, yeah, got it… ❞ 

The infected rushes, words pauses apart being interrupted by short panicked gasps. His bloodshot eyes darting from Nick to the source of the horrid noises and the stench of rotting flesh.

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Scars || Closed: 10000dollarsuit


"Just making sure the lesson’s fresh."


      {☢}—; ❝ Wow you’re such a dick, I’m gonna pray for you. ❞ Kyle sighs sarcastically.

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Your character overhears someone calling mine ‘a monster’, what does your character do?

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Still Alive || @contagio—noxium


Ellis had began shooting at the one remaining Tank from his hiding spot when the Hunter had spoken to him, and he turned with wide eyes at the voice, almost unable to believe that that had just happened, Jesus it can talk too? 

He continued to fire upon the offending Infected, torn as to what he should do. The hoodied zombie was clearly not in a good state, but he wasn’t getting attacked by the other Infected either. Another accidental hit by a Tank or something else, though, and it might be game over for him, it, whatever he was.
Ellis wished he had some liquid courage on him, but was glad he was a reckless son of a gun anyway. The brunet shimmied out of the hole in the side of the store while still firing at the behemoth of a zombie, reached under the arms of the Hunter and dragged him back as fast as he could before tossing him into the cavity there and crawling in after him. The Savannite then finished off the Tank before blocking off the hole with as much debris as he could lift with his injuries, making sure nothing else would get in and then tiredly sat a few feet away from the other zombie in the room.
He wasn’t sure why he had just done that, Hunters had meant nothing but trouble for him before, but.. this one was able to talk and had helped him.. what was up with that?
He was leery, still. A little scared that the zombie would call a horde into the small convenience store or finish the job himself, despite having warned him to run. His axe would be at hand in case things got ugly.
Ellis’ voice was shaky as he tried to speak to the other male, “Hey…You talk?”

      {☢}—; The world moves in slow motion, fading in and out and sounds muffled. Once safe he lays there like a ragdoll for what seemed like centuries, the world is slowly fading in to view from the darkness and as if returning from the dead he pulls himself up from the floor. Finally on all fours once again he groans and turns towards the one attempting to investigate the hunters strange complex while simultaneously fighting a hoard and whatever remaining tanks there were…

           Stumbling around while trying to refocus on his spinning surroundings, it takes him a moment to understand and determine what the survivor was asking.

            ❝ Y-Yeah…  Yeah I—Agh—I can…. ❞

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I heard you actually give a shit about that dorky little hunter





      {☢}—;❝ Nick, you’re supposed to defend me. We’re best-friends! ❞

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Anonymous asked ;  
I heard you actually give a shit about that dorky little hunter



      {☢}—;❝ … ❞

Loving me is asking for disaster.
—six words; forty-seven. (via the-doctor-infinitum)
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Pretty sure this is the cutest picture I’ve taken of my rabbit, Charlie. He was listening to a plane!


Oh hold me omg


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