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Still Alive || @contagio—noxium


As Ellis sipped from one of the bottles he procured, he thought back to when he became separated from his teammates. 

He could have sworn he heard a Hunter pounce, but none came within sight of the Savannite as he tried to fight off the rest of the common Infected. Then he watched in astonishment as the hoodied zombie leapt and attacked, not Ellis, but one of the Tanks, slashing mercilessly at the behemoth’s eyes. The brunet would have stopped to watch, except that he still had many more zombies on his tail and needed to run in the opposite direction of them.
He wondered if it had just been an accident. Some fortunate mistake that his negligent Guardian Angel had made happen so that what was normally his enemy became a temporary ally. He also wondered if the Infected had any subconscious at all, and that Hunter just had the ability to think better than the other zombies could.
Whatever the reason, Ellis was grateful for it. He was wishing that the water he was sipping would turn to beer at some point, though. He began to hum to himself, keeping himself company.


      {☢}—; Once Kyle was pleased with his work he moves on to the next tank, a pounce along with a loud scream sounding. He lands upon the broken concrete for a moment and is nearly smashed beneath the fist of one of the raging infected, luckily he recoils just as it’s flying down to crush him and——

         P O U N C E

He’s gone again, stumbling slightly on the landing and cursing under his breath as he did so, his thoughts were racing while bloodshot eyes hidden beneath the greasy unkempt brown bangs watched the two remaining beasts with grim intent. He crouches, readies himself and now he’s in the air, he signals his landing with a loud earsplitting shriek; razor sharp claws sink in to the pink flesh but with all the turbulence he’s nearly knocked off. Slipping, he’s fallen but manages to catch himself as he hooks his nails in to the forearm of the tank. However now it’s even harder to hang on, what with all the movement and no real grip.

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Still Alive || @contagio—noxium


This’s bad.. this’s reeally, really bad.
Three Tanks on top of an already sizably large horde had torn Ellis away from the helicopter as it was taking off, and it was a miracle and a half that he had managed to escape with his arms attached. He was now alone, incredibly low on ammo, out of medpacks and in dire need of first aid, none of the solutions to those problems seeming to be nearby while the 2 remaining Tanks were still on his tail. 
Desperate for a moment’s respite, he spotted a tiny hole in the wall of a boarded up convenience store and crawled through before the meaty hand of the Special Infected could grab him. He doubted that it would be long before the zombies reached him, but he figured he would make them fight for a piece of his marrow first.
Blood dripped on the dirty linoleum floor as he made his rounds inside the store, looking for supplies and only finding some spoiled food, a couple of bottles of water, and some ammo. He stowed away the water and reloaded his Magnum pistols and shotgun before sliding down the wall to the floor, resting. Waiting. Hoping that someone would find him and lend him a hand.

      {☢}—; By this time Kyle knows how to play the game, in times like this he knows what has to be done. Something has caused the tanks to grow rowdy and highly dangerous—-

                —  - Dangerous for survivors that is.

But for him? Danger is lessened what with his new infection given abilities to be able to leap into the air higher than any human ever could, claws that were used to tear flesh, muscle, and fangs that ripped apart what he so desired. 

                              So…. Here he was again.

    As he patrolled on all fours, on a lookout for survivors and supplies alike he sees from afar the scene taking place. The air whipped back, being chopped by the blades of the fleeing helicopter were a sure sign that there was to be a rescue. But had they succeeded? Judging by the way the large and quite enraged infected were acting—-No, however should he dare to risk his life? Always, this is what he does for a living you see. He draws closer, stalking, he crouches and ever muscle is itching with the urge to pounce while his body quivers ever so slightly out of anticipation.

        P O U N C E — -

               He’s flying through the air it seems and as he lands on one of the three troubled infected he immediately gets to work on subduing it…. By tearing out its eyes. Can’t hit what you can’t see, right? The long sharp dagger like claws tear and sink in to the now bloodied sockets of the raging monster. Blood splatters and pains his hands and face as well as he hood, and he keeps himself as steady as he can on the body of the Tank while it throws its fit. 

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Scars || Closed: 10000dollarsuit


"Come on, Kyle."


"I ain’t a liar."

      {☢}—; ❝ Humor me! ❞

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This Infection || Closed: 10000dollarsuit


Dab dab dab. Nick made sure to wet the infected’s forehead, jaw, neck and chest as his friend began to come to. A rough, quiet and strained sound emitted from the infected’s dry mouth, the con furrowed his brow as he listened, trying to decipher what it was the younger was saying.

Alas, Nick could not. This is when he quickly moved to grab the unopened bottle of water. Tiny popping noises as he opened the plastic container, he carefully began to pour the water down Kyle’s throat.

"Drink up, kid."

      {☢}—; A weary sign of life, he’s swallowing but his eyes have fluttered shut, just barely open. Blurry figure, a blurry trusted figure is supplying him with water. It’s what he needed, it wet his lips and travels down his throat. A quivering hand rises and gently rests itself on the bottle as he suckles, like a child.

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01. Remember the Name
02. Come Away to the Water
03. The Good Life
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05. Lift Me Up